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Me on balcony croppedThanks for stopping by!

This is my brand new blog – ‘Conversations with Caroline.’ I’m Caroline and all posts will be written by me, so I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce myself and let you know what I intend this blog to be about.

I love lots of things including health, wellness, fitness, reading, writing and traveling. So I thought why not bring all these things together under one lifestyle blog. I did a Creative Writing and English Literature degree a couple of years ago and since have gotten out of the habit of regular writing and I miss it. My intention is writing a regular blog will get me back into the swing of things.

Like most people I am very busy. I work in the retail/fitness industry and have my own online health and wellness business. I love drinking wine too, which takes up some of my time! I go to the gym regularly and am working on shifting a few pounds and getting fitter generally.

I live near Bradford, West Yorkshire and have done my whole life. I live with my lovely boyfriend and he may pop up an odd time – He is often on my Instagram pictures!

Once I get into the swing of blogging I am sure you will find out more about me and what I like (if you want to).  You can also sign up to my newsletter here.

That’s enough about me for one post, I look forward to chatting more soon!