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Lacking In Motivation?

Having been a long-term gym goer, I sometimes find there are times when my motivation is seriously lacking. Especially this time of year when the nights start to get darker and the weather can be miserable.

I personally find it hard to get going when I have missed a couple of days, those days turn in to a few more and so on. You need to have rest days but I work best with just 1 day off not 10!

Keil Legs

If you ever feel stuck like this here are 3 ways I have found to overcome the lack of motivation and get back into my routine:

Try something new

Trying a new activity or even just a new routine can bring back excitement to your workout. This could be a new class like yoga or if you usually do long cardio, do some intervals or add in weights.  You could also enter an event there for you have a goal to work towards, this summer I entered a 10K run so I this meant I had to go running even on the days I didn’t feel like it!


Take a picture

You may find that having a picture of another person who is where you want to be physically or a picture of yourself when you were at your ‘peak’ will help keep you on track when your motivation is lacking.

Just do it

Sometimes you have to just force yourself to go. You know you will feel so much better once you have finished and you will be happy you did it. Once you have done this a couple of times you should find that you then are back into a routine and want to go, I know this is the case for me.

Me 10k

Those are just 3 of the techniques which I found to be helpful when my motivation is low. I may have to use all of these tips to make sure I get to the gym tonight!

What do you do when your motivation for exercise is none existent? Do you use any of these methods or have others things which you do?