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Lowering Choleterol

The gym that I attend do a fitness MOT every three months, the purpose of this is to see if you have improved your health and fitness.  When I had my regular ‘check up’ last August 2012 was shocked mine had rocketed to over level 7 and a safe, recommended level is under 5.


What Is It?

Cholesterol is a fatty deposit which sits in your arteries and if left there for a prolonged period of time can lead to health problems.   There are good (HDL) and bad (LDL) types,  I was told I could ask my doctor to do are more in depth test to see the split between my HDL and LDL as some people can have high cholesterol of the HDL.  I decided to not go to my doctors as I had a feeling my high cholesterol was more of the bad than the good!

I was pretty upset about my cholesterol level being so high, it was something I didn’t think I had to worry about when I was in my late 20’s, although my weight was (and currently still is) higher than it should be, I was eating a healthy diet and exercising.

In my last MOT I was overjoyed to see that my cholesterol level has come down to 5.6, which is much better than it was and is closer to the recommend level.

What I Did

I did work at increasing my exercise levels but the main change that I have made is have increased my soluble fibre intake.  So I had a spoonful of soluble fibre every day in addition to oats, apples and kidney beans which are all known to help lower cholesterol.  I mix it with my milk on my cereal or in a protein shake.  This is the only significant difference I have made which has led to my cholesterol levels reducing.

Fibre can not be absorbed by the body which is why it helps to keep you regular and eliminate toxins in the body.  In the case of cholesterol the soluble fibre clings to the cholesterol and aids its removal from the body.

Having a daily scoop of soluble fibre is the only significant difference I have made which has led to my cholesterol levels reducing.  To read about the Arbonne Daily Fibre Boost which I have been using click here.  It’s item #2075.

Arbonne Fibre Boost


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