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Viva Las Vegas

I absolutely love Las Vegas!  I have now been 4 times in the last 3 years, when ever I go I always do lots of research about what to do but once I arrive I get caught up in the moment and never do any of the things I have planned!   Here are my 8 tips for your next trip to Las Vegas:

Vegas Strip Night

Plan Ahead – If like me you like to be flexible with your holiday schedule you may not want to do this but trust me it is the only way you will do the things you want to.  Plan something you want to do each day and of course leave some time to do spontaneous activities too!

Visit the Famous Sign – This is a must for some real tourist photos!  On my most recent trip there was an Elvis lookalike there and it is fun to take some photos.  Be warned it is about 15 minutes walk from Mandalay Bay so depending where you are staying you might want to take a taxi.
Vegas Sign
Watch the Fountains – I love watching the Bellagio fountains, especially on an evening when I think they are more impressive.
Bellagio Fountains
See a Show – Vegas is know for its shows but be aware that they are often more expensive than a show in the West End.  I can recommend Love by Cirque du Soleil.
Explore the Casino – Even if you are not a gambler it is fun to have a go on the slots, I only bet small amounts as it is just good to try it out.  You can also play the tables and if you are unsure many of the casinos will give lessons through the daytime.
Wear a Watch – There are no clocks in Vegas and time can fly when you are having fun so always have a watch so you can keep an eye on the time.
Bring Comfy Shoes – There is a lot of walking in Vegas, the hotels are huge and you can be on the move for 20 minutes just to get from your room to the exit.  This means that comfortable shoes you can walk in is a must.
Try a Nice Restaurant – There are hundreds of nice restaurants in Vegas, many by celebrity chefs.  I found that Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill in the MGM was nice and also affordable.


If you are going to Las Vegas in the future enjoy your trip – I believe it somewhere everyone should go at least once for the experience. It really is like nowhere else in the world.

Have you been to Las Vegas?  If so what tips would you give?