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Beautiful by Katie Piper

I was fortunate to hear Katie Piper speak at a recent conference.  She was so such an inspiration and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room listen to her sharing her journey.

Beautiful K Piper Book

Katie Piper hit the headlines in the UK when her documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face aired in 2009.  Katie was the subject of two vicious crimes, the first a violent rape by the guy she was seeing and then this cowardly man paid someone else to throw sulphuric acid on her.  Leaving her severely burnt and scarred both physically and mentally.

In the book Katie tells her story of life before her attack and then how she met her attacker Daniel Lynch.  When she shares his behaviour in hindsight it is easy to see he was very controlling, despite it being only a short relationship.  It is hard to believe that any person would attack someone they professed to love in such a way.

Katie then recounts her time in hospital, the operations and the nightmares.  It gives just a small insight into what she must have gone through.

What I love about Beautiful is that she does’t come across as angry, in fact she focuses on her recovery and what her future holds.  She is now helping other burn survivors in the UK through her charity the Katie Piper Foundation.  When I heard her speak she described herself not as a victim but as a survivor, that is exactly what she is.

This book and her story in general really makes you think if you are having a bad day – if Katie could survive what she went through then we all can get past a bad day.

You can purchase Beautiful by Katie Piper here.