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Want to Lift?

After a summer of running as I was training for a 10k and a trip to America I was in need of finding a new workout routine.  Autumn was fast approaching and I struggle to workout in the cold so it was time to get back into the gym.

Conversations with Caroline - It's time to lift some weights

I have always loved lifting weights but haven’t properly for a long time and so I discovered Train Dirty Fitness had a very reasonably priced Iron Bombshell Muscle Builder 12 week lifting program to get me back into the groove.  I am on phase 2 at the moment but I have had to have a few weeks off due to injury (not gym related).  So far I love it and before my unwanted break I was beginning to see some changes.  I have combining lifting weights with some low heart-rate running to increase my fitness (I will talk about that another time).

When I did my Personal Training course over 10 years ago I learnt the importance of lifting weights for strength, tone, posture and it helps to burn calories.  In this weeks 30 minute weights only session I burnt 200 calories and as my muscles grow it means my body will burn more calories afterwards too!  During my training I became comfortable around the weights room, ‘spotting’ guys (this is helping them out not just looking at them!) but one thing I have noticed….

Conversations with Caroline use the Squat Rack

Only Girl In The Weights

I am nearly always the only girl in the free weights section, even when the gym is quiet there are no females around. Due to my schedule I get to go to the gym at various times.

This got me thinking, why?

Maybe it’s the burly blokes who throw their weights around – don’t get me started on that!  Maybe it’s not knowing the correct technique or perhaps it’s a lack of confidence.  If it’s one of these things that’s keeping you away then now is the time to make a change.

Lifting weights can be challenging, lots of fun and if you follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram you will see 1000’s of girl who lift and look amazing!

Conversations with Caroline - It's great when the gym is quiet

Try it!

  • So it’s time to stop being intimidated, you have a right to train where you want and in my experience none of the men in the free weights has ever said questioned me being there.  Go in with confidence and lift!
  • If you are not sure what to do and want to make sure your technique is correct to prevent injury then enlist the help of a Personal Trainer from your gym.  They will develop you a program and show you what to do.
  • If you are lacking in confidence then start off when the free weights section is nice and quiet.  In my experience the gym tends to be very busy in the evenings between 4 and 8 after work.

Add some weight lifting into your routine, give it time and you will begin to see results.

Do you lift weights or are you going to start?  I would love to read your experiences in the comments!


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