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New Year, New Goals

It’s already a couple of weeks into January now, what’s happened to your New Year’s Resolutions?

Personally I prefer to set goals rather than make resolutions as I feel they are more achievable and more specific.  Rather than saying I want to loose weight as a Resolution, your goal would be to loose a certain amount by a specific date, this way your goal is measurable.  I am currently reading the book Goals by Brian Tracy and in this he describes how to set goals properly.  You can set new goals or redefine what you want to achieve at anytime, so if your New Year’s hasn’t started how you anticipated you can set some new goals today.

Happy New Year!

Clean Slate

For me January is definatly the time for a clean slate, full of dreams and expectations for the year ahead.  Due to an injury to my ankle in October the final months of 2013 didn’t include a lot of exercise and I began to feel really sluggish.  As I wasn’t working out much I also wasn’t eating as healthy as I could.  Over Christmas I made a start at working out again and over the past few weeks I have been increasing my workouts but still being careful as my ankle isn’t 100%.  As I have had a break from working out my motivation is really high and I am enjoying going to the gym again.  If your motivation lessens over the next few weeks you can read my motivation tips here.

Caroline in the gym

My personal goals for 2014 regarding my fitness and overall health are below, I wanted to share them to help keep me accountable to you throughout the year!

Loose weight.

This is a common goal for many of us.  As I mentioned earlier you need to be much more specific than this so my goal for 2014 is to loose 1 pound a week.  This might not seem a lot but over a full year this would be over 3 stones!  This is very attainable without being on a strict diet and enjoying some treats (and wine) along the way.

Add muscle definition.

Before my injury I had got back into weights and after 6 weeks I was beginning to see some changes.  I love lifting heavy weights and this is the best way to increase your muscle definition and ‘tone up’.  Last year I wrote a blog post about lifting weights, which you can read here.

Run a 10k again.

Last year I ran a 10k and this year I want to beat my time!  On the day I knocked 4 minutes off my training time to complete the run in 1 hour 6 minutes.  I would love to run a 10k under an hour.  The run which I intend to do is in July so this gives plenty of time for training.

2013 Run For All 10K Leeds

I am able to run pain free at a steady pace at the moment so I am focusing on adding a little bit of distance on each week on the treadmill.  I bought some new trainers too which I am sure helped me add an extra kilometre on to my run last week!  I will be sharing my training on this blog, my Facebook page, Twitter and on Instagram.  It is great to have a goal or event to keep you focused.

I would love to hear what fitness goal you have for 2014, let me know in the comments below.