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Book Review

I was sent the Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley.  This book is intended to help you get fit and burn fat!

Join the Revolution!

The beginning of the book is my favourite part, you can read about Julia’s background and why she decided to write this book.  She than discusses what is needed from you – commitment, dreams, getting out of your comfort zone and more.  There is a section about what you should eat and of course you should take your progress pictures.
The exercise section of the book is split into 3 phases, each progressing as you get fitter and stronger.  The aim is you can work out from home and you only need some dumbbells and a gym ball.
The Fat Burn Revolution is great for someone who is new to fitness or if you want some home workouts which are short and effective you should take a look at this!


You can purchase The Fat Burn Revolution on Amazon