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Time Flies

Wow I didn’t realise how long it had been since my last blog – Time flies when you are having fun!  Here I am now back to it and I will be putting more content out from now on, I see all the blogs with the pretty pictures and as I am not the most amazing, professional photographer it was putting me off creating new posts.  So now I am focusing on the content, I am sure I will throw in a few amateur pictures along the way (which I have done below) but it is writing which I love!

So what’s been happening?

Well March was a fabulous month.  I attended an Arbonne product roadshow in Leeds, this was so much fun and I learnt even more information about our phenomenal products.  I have my own business in partnership with Arbonne and one of the products which was discussed was  ‘Genius’.  I have been using these pads for almost a month and my skin is feeling great, I always seem to get a dry patch between my eyebrows (from too much tweezering) and after a couple of days this was gone!  If you do want to take a look you can find more info on my Arbonne website.  I love this quote which was shared on the day!

nothing is impossible

I also shared a no make-up selfie in March.  You may have seen these going around Facebook, the idea being we share a selfie with no make-up on and then donate and text BEAT to 70099.  This sends money to Cancer Research UK and they raised over £2 million from the no make-up selfie phenomenon.  What a great effort!

Caroline Towers no make up selfie

Thanks to the 21st Century Housewife I was the lucky winner of 12 books courtesy of Hay House publishers.  These are all self-development books which I love!  I am currently reading Kate Northrup’s Money: A Love Story and I am really enjoying it, you can check her book out on Amazon.

hay house winning books

I am so excited that the Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire in July!  Having been involved in cycling since I was a baby this is a big deal!  In March I attended Welcome to Yorkshire’s Y14 conference in which a large part of the day was dedicated to Le Tour.

Caroline Towers at Y14

Here is a video from the day which I put together for Pennine Cycles!

The month of March ended with two days at Bradford International Film Festival’s Filmmakers Weekend.  This was again lots of fun and very informative.  I am so grateful to have this event on my doorstep. I also got to see a number of films which I wouldn’t normally choose to watch. These included a great British film called The Escapist and also a Russian crime movie!

Filmmakers Weekend at BIFF

Fun, Fun, Fun

So all in all things have been pretty busy for me but that is the way I like it.  It is great to have so many things happening and to have different experiences from building a business to cycling to screenwriting!

Tell me, what have you been up to recently?