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This month I decided to Vlog Every Day in April (VEDA)!  As I said yesterday I am not a professional photographer or videographer but that is why vlogging appealed to me.  This challenge is with Savvy Sexy Social’s Amy and you can see other peoples videos who are taking part on Twitter or YouTube by searching #SSSVEDA.

Half Way!

Yesterday I made it half way through the month and ventured outside:

For the last 15 days I have put out a vlog on my YouTube channel, I would love for you to subscribe so you can keep up to date.  Thanks to Savvy Sexy Social we are given a topic each day to talk about, this helps hugely as it sometimes hard to think of interesting things to say each day.

The appeal of taking part in SSSVEDA is to allow me to get comfortable in front of the camera and then build up to vlog outside where there are real people!  As part of my own personal growth and the fact that videos are so popular for businesses means it something which I wanted to take part in.


Over the last couple of weeks I have learnt to not feel so awkward in front of the camera.  It is amazing what a weirdo you can feel like even when you are in on your own!  It is building up my YouTube channel videos which before the 1st April had only about 3 videos uploaded.  The other great thing about vlogging is you don’t have to edit them.  You just shoot, talk and upload.  This means it is a great time saver and easy.


Unfortunately my iPhone doesn’t record sound on videos, this is the simplest why to do a vlog.  I am working on upgrading my iPhone but this is another long story (it might turn into a blog if I decide to rant about poor customer service).  Instead I have had to use my 2 cameras.  The first my Canon point and shoot camera which works well, the only downside is you have to upload the video via the computer.  I have also used my new Go Pro camera, vlogging has helped me get used to this camera and I love it! You can upload directly from your phone too so that saves time.

All in all I have enjoyed the last 15 days and I will be keeping up with SSSVEDA everyday this month, I would love for you to subscribe, like and comment on some of my videos.

Have you ever vlogged or is it something you would try?  I would love to hear your thoughts on vlogging!