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People I Wish I Could Meet!

In this recent #SSSVEDA video the subject was who do you wish you could meet for a coffee.  This was hard to decide as there are so many amazing people who have graced this planet.  I managed to narrow it down on the spot, as you can see in my vlog but I felt I wanted to elaborate a little more.

Ernest Hemingway

For my University dissertation I studied Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.  It is one of the few books that made me cry!  I would love to find out more about how a man who liked to drink and whose prose was simply written could write such a fabulous book with raw emotion in it.  When I was a child I remember visiting his home in Florida, although the memory is a little hazy I found it fascinating.  I would love to go back.

William Boyd

Sticking with the author theme I would love to meet my favourite living author William Boyd.  I have read a lot of his books and I always have them on my Christmas list!  I would love to find out how he creates such amazing stories which often span decades and countries.  I think if you have a favourite person in anything it would always be a dream to meet them.

Lance Armstrong

This one could be contraversial but I spent many a time watching him winning races on the TV and despite the fallout in the last few years I think he would be a really interesting person to talk to.  When I was younger I predicted his World Championship win as we watched on the TV in Austria – I remember all the Italians and Germans disagreeing before it started!  No matter what else has happened since those great memories are there and it would be lovely to meet him!  My favourite autobiography is It’s Not About The Bike.

Amy from Savvy Sexy Social

I would love to buy Amy a drink as a thank you!  By watching her videos I have learnt so much about social media that I have been able to put into practice.  It is Amy who set up the #SSSVEDA challenge.  I am really pleased to have almost made it though April and vlogged everyday.

So those are just 4 people I would love to share a drink with (not tea or coffee – Yuck).  I am sure there are lots more writers, actors, singers or world leaders that I could have added!

Who do you wish you could meet for a drink?