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I was privileged to be invited to take part in the Fab Five event with Forward Ladies networking group.  The event took place at the Marriot Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester and included 5 ladies in each age group 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.


On arrival I was able to choose my dress from Coast who were supplying the beautiful outfits.  I chose the Niah printed maxi dress.  I was then glad to get my make up done as I had to arrive makeupless!  I usually do my own and so it was a pleasant change to just relax.

Once ready I had to cover up with my dressing gown in preparation for the big reveal later on.  Other ladies began to arrive and the networking began.  The weather was lovely so many of the ladies spent some time in the sunshine.

Below is a photo of all five of us which Jo from Maia Photography shared on Facebook.

Fab Five Forward Ladies

It was then time for afternoon tea to be served, myself and the other 4 ladies had to disappear so we could be introduced and re-enter to music.  It was time to strut our stuff and show off our dresses!

Victoria and Albert Manchester Afternoon Tea Victoria and Albert Manchester Afternoon Tea

Nicky from Coast spent time describing each outfit and Mhari Oakes from Stella and Dot did the same for our fabulous jewellery.  I especially loved my necklace which matched the dress perfectly!  I was also pleased to win a bracelet in the raffle later on!

Stella and Dot Bracelet

Lynette Page talked through our makeup looks before it was time to be interviewed.  I was able to share a little bit about my business, what inspires me and hopefully I inspired others too.  Each lady finished with what it was like to be a women in business at our age.

Overall it was a fabulous event and I was so pleased to be invited by Sue France to take part.