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The World Cup is now underway!  I love sport and enjoy watching football but I don’t want it to take over my life! If you feel the same here are my top 3 tips to fitting the world cup in to your schedule, staying healthy and having fun!

England Football


At the beginning of the World Cup tournament there are LOTS of games.  Chances are unless you really want football to take over your life you will need to plan which matches take priority.  These will probably be the country of your birth, for me it is the England games.  You then may have a few teams you enjoy watching for their football skills.  Put these in your diary and these are the non-negotiable games!  The rest you may just have to miss or watch the evenings football round up to stay in the loop.

Bobby Moore Statue at Wembley

Get In the Gym

Once you have scheduled which games you are watching you will want to plan your fitness routine.  It’s not a good idea to have a month or so off so you can watch other people running around and staying fit!  You may decide that the days your team are playing you will have a day off and go the other days in the week.  Or you might want to get a quick workout in knowing that you are watching football in the pub and you will be having a couple of beers!

Conversations with Caroline - It's time to lift some weights

Eat Well

Similar to planning your gym routines plan your eating schedule.  There is nothing worse than been starving after the game and heading to the nearest kebab shop – Especially on a Tuesday night!  Have something cooked for when you get home.  This way when you wake up the next morning you can shine your halo knowing you made the best choice!

England FlagSo those are my 3 top tips to survive the next few weeks of the World Cup, if like me you want to watch football but not have it take over your life!

The photos which I have included are from a trip to Wembley to watch England play over a year ago!  Unfortunately I’m not heading to Brazil to take some up to date photos!

Will you be watching the World Cup?  Comment below!