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Over the past year I have seen so much on the internet about green smoothies and juicing.  It’s not something I have been too interested in, I much prefer to chew my food than drink it!  Lately I have been considering giving them ago for their nutritional value.  Before it was fashionable to make smoothies I used to always make a delicious banana one.  I remember when I did my fitness and nutrition training that I wrote about it for one of my assessments so it must have been doing something right!

Green Smoothies

Mixing It Up

I regularly drink protein shakes, I always have these as a snack or post-workout fuel, I am not a fan of meal replacements.  This is just my own thoughts as I am never so full after drinking a shake that I would always want to eat something a little while later.

I was also concerned about investing in an expensive juicer or blender, using it a few times and then it being sat at the back of my cupboards for years after the fad wore off.

I have been working on eating healthy recently and I know one of my downfalls is not eating enough fruit.  I saw the Breville Blend-Active mentioned on a couple of blogs and after seeing it wasn’t expensive I decided to invest, knowing if I didn’t use it I wouldn’t have wasted a lot of money!

Green Smoothies

What I like about the Blend-Active is it comes with a sports cap so you can drink straight from the bottle and this saves on the washing up!  I also found it simple to use.

So the time came to make my first smoothie.  I opted for a simple one.

Green Smoothies

My ingredients were spinach, frozen blueberries, banana and 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder.  As I have my own business with Arbonne I used their vegan powder.  My concern was putting spinach in, the thought of a vegetable in my fruit drink didn’t seem right!  I quickly mixed it all together and my first green smoothie was ready.

I was pleased that it wasn’t green in colour but a more inviting purple colour!  It tasted delicious and I couldn’t taste the spinach at all!

Green Smoothies

Since making this smoothie I have experimented with a few different ingredients.  I will share some tasty ones at a later date!  I have really enjoyed having a smoothie in a morning and it is a great way of ensuring I have extra fruit in my diet.  I have often had them for breakfast with half a wholemeal bagel and peanut butter or a nutrition bar.

What’s your favourite smoothie?  Share below!