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My first visit to Manchester House was for a networking event and I won the business card draw!  I was fortunate to win afternoon tea for 2 and this gave me the perfect opportunity to go back.

Afternoon Tea

Manchester House is situated at the edge of Spinningfields in Manchester.  You could easily miss it. It’s located in Tower 12, this also houses a number of offices so you could be mistaken for thinking that’s all there is.  However if you take the lift to the 12th floor you are greeted with a fantastic bar and lounge.  There is also a restaurant on Floor 8.  On my previous visit I had a look around it and I would love to go back to give it a try!

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

We went on a very hot day and made the mistake of siting in the sun before hand so we were boiling!  There are big glass windows all around the lounge to give you some very impressive views of Manchester.  They were especially good on a sunny day.  There are some terraced areas dotted around which have retractable roofs and open windows.  Due to the lounge being on the to floor there is a really pleasant breeze when the roofs are open.  There is only one outside section where you can eat but this was busy so we sat down on a comfy seat inside and looked out at Manchester.

As you would expect afternoon tea usually includes tea or coffee, fortunately we were offered a cooler alternative!  We each got a glass of iced tea which was delicious.  It’s not something I would usually drink but I really enjoyed it!

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

Next came the food!  This was presented on a double tray and everything looked yummy.  It was beautifully presented and had a modern twist.  We had 2 of everything so there was no fighting!  To begin with there were sandwiches.  Traditional finger sandwiches, mini open bagels and a pastrami slider.

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

Next it was on to the deserts.  I don’t have a very sweet tooth and was concerned all the sweet treats would be too sickly for me.  This wasn’t the case at all.  There wasn’t anything that was too rich.  I started with the mango frozen lollipop, as it was beginning to melt!  This was very refreshing.  We then ate (in no particular order) macaroons, scone and jam, lemon meringue, pastry with raisins in and a mini triffle style pudding with a fun fluffy top!  Check out my photos to understand what I mean.

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

That was afternoon tea finished and it was so tasty and filling.  We noticed there was a space on the outside terrace and we decided to sit outside to take in the views.  Outside you were again sat on comfy chairs with little tables for your drinks.  I went for the recommended French Martini and Keil choose the Zombie.  They were both very nice and a little strong!

Cocktails at Manchester House Cocktails at Manchester House

Once we enjoyed our cocktails it was time to leave and make our way back home.  It was a really nice, relaxed afternoon at Manchester House.  With great food, lovely drinks and excellent service.

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House

I can imagine the lounge has a real buzz about it on a Friday evening after work.  It is a very modern bar and the food we was delicious.  If you are ever in Manchester I would highly recommend the afternoon tea or even just go for a cocktail and a chat!

Have you tried Manchester House? Let me know below!