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July was a fun month full of the Tour de France in Yorkshire and London, a trip to York Races, afternoon tea and lots of cocktails (or pretend bottles of champagne)!

The Tour de France Grand Depart

The Grandest of All Weekends!

July began with a bang – The Tour de France came to Yorkshire!  During the lead up to the main race I headed to Leeds a few times for various events.  The main one being the Tour de France Team Presentation which was held at Leeds Arena.  It was great to see all the professional cyclists lined up on stage and it really got me excited for Le Tour.

The Tour de France Grand Depart

For the first stage I headed to Harrogate which was where the Tour de France finish was taking place.  I had a really fun day and spent the majority of it in the Fan Park which was great.

The Tour de France Grand Depart

On stage 2 I stayed local and went to watch the race on Halifax Road which is about 15 minutes away from my house and somewhere I have ridden my bike!  It was exciting to see the riders on my ‘patch’!

The Tour de France Grand Depart

Finally for stage 3 I went to London to watch the finish here, again this was a great day in the capital.

The Tour de France Grand Depart

It was incredible to have seen all 3 stages whilst the Tour de France was in the UK.  I created some amazing memories and loved every second of it!  I filmed my own vlog from the weekend and there are lots of videos which I took on Pennine Cycles website too!


A few days later I headed to Manchester for some networking and had a great lunch and cocktail at The Alchemist!  It was a sunny day and it was lovely to sit outside and watch the world go by!

The Alchemist Manchester

York Races

The next weekend I headed over to York to go to York Races.  It was a scorching hot day and so it was nice to be able to make the most of the sunshine.  I had a few bets on the day and won a little bit but not a lot!  It was a really nice, spontaneous day out!

York Races

Getting Fit

During July I upped my fitness routine and have been following a new workout plan.  I have found it really beneficial to know what I am going to do before every session.  I was also inspired by the Tour de France and got back out on my bike quite a few times!

Orbea Hybrid Bike

To coincide with my new fitness boost I also discovered making smoothies!  I bought a new blender and made my first green smoothie.  Since then I have been making these all the time, it is a great way for me to get more fruit into my diet as otherwise I tend to skip it!  I have also been experimenting with different ingredients.

Green Smoothies

A Little Treat

I finished the month with another trip to Manchester, this time for Afternoon Tea at Manchester House.  I really enjoyed it, as it is not something I would usually have.  Of course I had to finish with a cocktail!

Afternoon Tea at Manchester House Cocktails at Manchester House

July was another great month, it was even better as we have been having lots of sunshine in Yorkshire!  Everything always seems to look and feel better when the sun shines.

What did you get up to in July?  Comment below!