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On Friday I hopped on a train to London to attend Summer in the City, the Creators Day.  This is a YouTube event giving tips and advice for people who are creating online videos.


It was an early start for me to get to Kings Cross.  Once I arrived it was the first chance I had to use my new Oyster visitors card.  This is a pre-loaded card which you can use on the tube, buses and trains in London.   I took the tube to Wood Green and then a bus to Alexandra Palace.  The venue itself is on top of hill so there were some great views of London.

Summer in the City Creators Day

I arrived just in time for the 11am seminar.  The day was full of different talks, panels and advice.  There were also a number of different businesses who had stands on the day, some were promoting their services and others were selling products.

One of my concerns of the day was that I would stand out, being slightly older than the average YouTuber!  Although there were a lot of younger people there were also all ages in attendance.  It was implied a few times that people now go onto YouTube just to become famous, like some of the big YouTubers are these days.  I am sure some people do this but I don’t feel like that is the reason many of the people I watch create content.

Summer in the City Creators Day

I learnt a lot on the day about creating content and I will be putting some of what I heard into practice over the next few months.  My only complaint on the day was there only one place serving food which was a pub, there was a huge queue when I went and if I had gone there I would have missed some of the key panels.  It meant I didn’t eat or drink anything whilst there and I was starving!  I would have expected there to have been somewhere to grab a quick sandwich and bottle of water.

Once I finished I left in search of food!  I went to Covent Garden and grabbed a sandwich and drink before having a little wander around.  I had a couple of hours to kill before my train.  It was a Friday night in London and so it was very busy everywhere.  I had a look around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and nipped into the M&M store before going back to Kings Cross to catch the train to Leeds.

Summer in the City Creators Day Summer in the City Creators Day M & M World London M & M World London Piccadilly Circus, London Leicester Square, London

All in all it was an enjoyable day and I would recommend the Creators Day to anyone who is making videos or would like to make them in the future.  The next 2 days were more aimed at the fans and my mum said she saw lots of screaming girls on the news when the event was shown on TV – I assured I wasn’t doing that on Friday, I think those days are behind me 😉

Of course as it was a YouTube event I made a little vlog of the day – I didn’t film too much as I was busy listening and taking notes!