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As you may have seen on my Twitter I love to travel and soon I will be heading for the beach in the Caribbean!   Here are my tips to ensure you can go on your own trip and have the best time ever by feeling great physically and also to make sure you are organised and not stressed!



There is so much in the media and online about getting your bikini body ready in X amount of weeks.  We all know it takes more than this to create your ideal figure so we have to work with what we have.  Set a schedule to work out as far in advance as you can.  I started a new routine about 2 months ago and I am now starting to see some results.  If you don’t have that long before your break away then just do what you can.  Exercise will make you feel good about yourself so you can strut your thing in your bikini!

Bikini Body Beach Ready


Chances are whilst you are away you will be indulging just a bit.  I would recommend in the weeks running up to your holiday you up your water intake.  Aim for 3 litres a day.  This will help to flush out any pre-holiday toxins in your system.  It will help make your skin look more raident and can help you loose a few pounds.  Whilst you are away ensure you stay hydrated too to help prevent any bloating.

Firm Up

In the final month before your trip you want to make sure your skin is at its best.  This means exfoliating and moisturising regulalry.  By exfoliating you are removing the dead skin on the surface allowing your skin to look healthier and this also helps to prolong your suntan.  By moisturising you soften your skin and gets rid of any dry patches you may have.  One of the perks of having my own health and wellness is business is that I have been able to try Arbonne’s Genius Body Serum for the last couple of weeks on some of my ‘problem’ areas.  It’s launched globally in September.  You mix it with your moisturiser and so I have been using it in conjunction with Arbonne’s RE9 Firming Cream.  I have taken a before picture so will see what my results look like before I go away!

Arbonne Genius Body Serum


Don’t leave it until the last minute to do your packing.  There may be something you can’t pack until the night before like your makeup or any medication but clothes and shoes you can.  I use my spare bed to lay out what I have got and then make a list of anything I still need.  By having a list you don’t end up with 10 tops and no bottoms to match!  It is also important to keep your packing to a minimum, with airlines often lowering their luggage allowance you want to leave room for some duty free!


No matter what you do for a job, plan your workload ahead of time.  If, like me, you work for yourself make a note of what you can do each day the week before.  Whether that be scheduling your social media posts, catching up on final emails or informing clients you are away for a week.  By planning ahead you won’t be stressed whilst you are away.

So there are just a few of of my tips to make sure the build up to your next holiday goes smoothly.

What’s your best tip to make sure you are ready to hit the beach?  Comment below!