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August is very busy month in our household for birthdays, both mine and Keil’s (the fella) have our birthdays 3 days apart!  Here is a quick blog about how we celebrated this year 🙂

My Birthday

My birthday was on Wednesday and I began with a spinning class with my mum.  It’s been ages since I did a spin class and I really enjoyed it.  As the weather has been fairly reasonable recently I have been getting my cardio from running and riding my bike outside.  I think once autumn gets here I will start doing more spinning classes again.

Me and my mum then went for a lunch at a local cafe where I had a nice sandwich and we shared a piece of chocolate cake.  Mum then dropped me at home and I spent the afternoon watching TV and painting my nails.  I watched We Are the Millars, which I really enjoyed and my guilty pleasure Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Once Keil got home from work I went to the gym again!  This time we lifted some weights – I needed him as a spotter for me as we have upped our weights as part of our new routine.  I don’t normally go to the gym twice a day but I did enjoy it.

Myself, Keil, mum and Paul all then went out for tea at a local Italian restaurant called Rocca.  We shared my favourite garlic pizza bread and I then had ham and mushroom pizza.

Rocca Bradford

Rocca Bradford Rocca Bradford Rocca Bradford


I ordered one of my favourite desserts chocolate fudge cake, which came with a giant firework and a happy birthday song!

Rocca Bradford

I got some lovely presents for my birthday and lots of birthday wishes for which I am very grateful.

Keil’s Birthday

For Keil’s birthday a few days later it was Saturday so I took the day off.  In the morning I made scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on bagels which were very nice!  After a lazy few hours we headed into the local town as Keil wanted to place some football bets as it was the first day of the season.  We went for lunch in a local cafe before we headed home so he could watch the football!

In the evening we went into Leeds and I booked dinner at Blackhouse where we had incredible service and delicious food.  For starters we shared garlic rub bread which was very garlicky and yummy and chicken skewers which were also very tasty.  For mains we both had steak and again these were so good!  We were too full for dessert and instead we headed out for a few drinks before catching the train home.

Blackhouse Leeds Blackhouse Leeds


Blackhouse Steak Leeds

It has been a great few days of celebrating and I love that we have our birthdays so close together so we can have lots of joint celebrations!

Night out in Leeds


What’s your favourite way to celebrate your birthday? Comment below!