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Last weekend I headed to Liverpool for 2 nights for a business conference, as I have my own Arbonne business.  Every year we have a big event to celebrate, learn and launch new products!


We arrived on Friday night and checked into the Jury’s Inn, this was the perfect location as it was straight opposite the Echo Arena in Liverpool.  It was also next to the Albert Dock which hosts lots of nice bars and restaurants.

We went for a glass of wine in the Revolution Bar on Albert Dock, it was really busy for a Friday afternoon but we managed to get a seat.  After a good catch up we headed back to the arena to register for the conference.  Here we got our bags, information about the conference and mine had a mini bubble bath in there too!

All ready for today's conference! #aac2014 #lifeofabusinessowner

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It wasn’t long then until dinner, which we had booked at Gusto, again on Albert Dock.  The food was so delicious here and where we were sat we could see out onto the water.  It was really busy so you need to book – especially on a Friday night!

Gusto Albert Dock Liverpool

Gusto Albert Dock Liverpool

Once dinner was finished a few of us went to the Smugglers Cove bar which had been recommended.  After a trip to Barbados, I really love my rum!  It was not what I expected and was very chilled out. They had a great cocktail menu and live music.  It’s very similar to the Botanist in Leeds as they are part of the same chain.  It was then time for bed as we had an early start at the conference the next morning.

It was really exciting to be attending another Arbonne conference, this was the 4th time for me in the UK and the last big event I attended was in Las Vegas!  Inside there was a real buzz and everyone was excited for the day.

Arbonne Advantage Conference Uk 2014

The conference kicked off with live dancing all performed by Arbonne Consultants and then we got into the training.  The training was so inspiring and motivating, it would be too long a post to go through everything but it was a great day!  Arbonne also launched their festive line which looks amazing and there are some great products which I will be sharing when they arrive.

On Saturday night it was time to party!  The theme was black tie and tiaras and it was nice to get dressed up.  Over at the arena there was champers before the doors opened into the main ballroom.  Here a live band performed who were fantastic and they were followed by a DJ!  We had a great night and there was lots of dancing and lots of wine drunk!

Arbonne Advantage Conference Uk 2014 Arbonne Advantage Conference Uk 2014 Arbonne Advantage Conference Uk 2014

Sunday morning was another early start for a full day of training.  When you know the day is going to be good it makes it easier to get up after the night before!  On Sunday morning there was another new product launch in the form of fizz sticks!  I have been waiting for these to come to the UK for years and I always bring some back when I’m visiting America.  Fizz sticks give you an energy boost and so they are a great replacement for coffee or if you don’t drink it like me they are good for giving you a kick when you are feeling tired!  We also had more inspirational training before the close at 4pm.

The weekend in Liverpool was so much fun, it’s great to laugh and learn with business partners, friends and people who want to be at a conference to learn how to grow their businesses!  I filmed some of the weekend but I forgot my big SD card so a lot of Sunday and the new products got missed – Don’t worry I will be sharing these soon 🙂