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Yesterday I began Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge – A 7-day, blog everyday, challenge.  Today is all about my journey so far.

So here goes…

Caroline Towers Conversations with Caroline

I’ve never been one of the ‘lucky’ ones who knew exactly what they wanted to do for a career.  Out of sixth form everyone was going to uni and I got a place but deep down I knew I didn’t want to do it just because everyone else was!  Instead I upped my hours at Pennine Cycles, my family’s business which I have been involved with since I was 14.

After some travelling and a personal training and nutrition diploma I decided it was time to see what it was like working in the ‘real world’ – It sucked!  I always carried on working for the family business part-time and my first office job was at a mortgage company.  Here I checked the deeds to houses, it was ok but I was frustrated that although I did a good job (and did more than I was paid for) I never got a promotion or a pay rise!  So I moved departments to the Litigation team which was even worse where I had to threaten people to pay their mortgage or get kicked out.  I have some pretty horrific tales from there but that’s for another day.  My life in litigation lasted 6 months and it was my only permanent job ever.


I went back to job searching and got a spot at social services working in the department who helped children with disabilities.  I was on reception and this was really interesting but it was only covering maternity leave so soon I moved on.  This time it was just across the road to the assessment team of social services.  Here I took calls when people were concerned about children in the area and I would ring around schools, hospitals and the like to create a full picture for the social workers.  I worked on some really interesting cases and some were heartbreaking – Again stories for another day!

It was whilst working here I decided there must be more to life than working in an office in a job I didn’t love.  I decided now was the time to go to uni.  I had a mortgage by then and so I funded myself to study a creative writing degree.  I have always loved to write and I thought why not spend 3 years happy!  During this time I worked part-time (for 2 years) at social services, worked at Pennine Cycles and had another job.  It was busy but fun.

As my degree was coming to an end I began to think about what I would do next.  In February 2011 I would say my life changed dramatically.  My mum offered me the chance the start my own online business, after a few days of saying no I decided to go for it!  I had always wanted my own business and this was my chance.

A few months later I finished my degree and really focused on my new business.  This was also the time that social media was really booming and there was more for me to do to get involved with the family business.

Caroline Towers Arbonne Business

There are 2 sides to my business.  The first I get to help people who are like I was – stuck.  I coach and mentor them to start their own online, global business in the health and wellness industry.  They become my business partner and it is amazing to watch them grow and develop.  This really is my passion.  I guess looking back at my jobs they have always been about helping people.  I have also been able to travel to the Bahamas, Phoenix, Vegas (where I took my first Limo ride as pictured above) and I just returned from Liverpool all thanks to my business.

The second side to my business is I get to share, use and promote vegan skincare, cosmetics and nutrition.  I have partnered with Arbonne International and here I can make people feel good about themselves, educate them to read their labels and watch people get fitter and healthier.

Now alongside this blog, I love everything I get to do.  I am looking forward to the rest of my journey where I get to help so many others with their life, finances and skin!  It is certainly rewarding helping others live the best life they can.