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For Day 5 of Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge we have to share something which we know about.  Having worked at Pennine Cycles since I was 14 and attending my first bike race at 1 month old I like to think I know something about cycling.  So today I am sharing my top tips to help you take up cycling and enjoy it!

How To Start Cycling

Get a Bike

This an obvious one!  If you want to start cycling you need a bike.  My recommendation would be to go and speak to your local bike shop.  Here you will be talking to people who have a lot of experience with cycling, probably cycle themselves and will listen to your needs so they can help you.  If a shop is just trying to sell you what they have in stock, I would suggest they are not the ones to go to.

You are taking up a new sport and you want to enjoy it, with the right bike that is exactly what you will do.  If you will be riding on the road get a road bike, on the canals perhaps a hybrid or if you want some off road adventures go for a mountain bike.

How To Start Cycling

Make it Fit

Once you know exactly what style of bike you want, to be able to enjoy your riding you need to fit it.  In the bike shop, every week without fail we see people with bikes that don’t fit them.  Some bike shops may provide you with a bike fit service, these are ok but not a necessity if the shops knows what they are doing.  At Pennine Cycles, because of our experience we can see the right bike size just by you standing over it or even just by looking at you!  If the bike fits you, you will certainly enjoy it much more!

The Tour de France Grand Depart

Saddle Up

When anyone is buying a bike I would always recommend they upgrade their saddle from the one which will come with the bike.  If you a are a lady I would suggest this is even more important as you want to have a ladies saddle, ideal as we usually have bigger hips!  Again if your saddle is comfy then you will enjoy your ride even more.  There are so many people who suffer when they don’t need to.  Couple a good saddle with some good quality shorts and you will enjoy your rides so much more.

These are just 3 of my tips to help you take up cycling and ensure you enjoy your cycling in those early days!

Comment below if you have any tips for a new cyclist.