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One thing I feel very passionate about and get excited to share is helping other people feel good about themselves.  Women in particular can feel very rubbish for different reasons and one thing I love to do is put a smile on other peoples faces.

There are a few ways I attempt to make people feel good about themselves…

The first is by smiling at strangers.  This may seem small but a little smile can really make somebody’s day.  I know if someone smiles at me it makes me feel good and so I am sure it does the same to others.  You never know what is going on in peoples lives and so a smile can make them feel good, even it’s just for a few minutes.  Smiling  will also make you feel happy too – So it’s a win win!

I hope you smile

In recent years I have become passionate on working on my own self-improvement, this has mainly been through reading and listening to positive audios.  I love to share what I have read with others and see them develop too.  By reading books, even if it’s just 10 pages or half an hour a day it can make a huge difference.  It’s so much fun to grow in my own confidence and it makes me really happy to see the same in other people.

I find giving people compliments is also great for a mood booster.  There is nothing worse when people brush them off.  If somebody gives you a compliment accept it with a ‘thank you’.  You will certainly feel much better if you do this than to reply with ‘this old thing’.  If you are giving a compliment just make sure it’s genuine.

I Can Live For Two Months On A Good Compliment

Within my business I love it when people feel good about themselves because of the products I have shared and recommended to them.  I can confidently recommend products and it’s great when people are showing more confidence because their skin is improved or they have makeup on which suits them.  I believe whatever products you use they should make you feel good about yourself.  If you don’t usually wear bold lipstick go for a bright red, you may just find you have a fun and confident day!

On A Bad Day There's Always Lipstick

It’s so great to have had an input in making people feel good and in turn this usually puts a smile on my face too.

So next time you are out and about give someone a smile or a compliment and make somebody else feel good about themselves.  In time I believe the favour will be returned and when you need it you may just get that smile back.

What do you do to make other people feel good? Comment below!