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I have been working on my own personal development for a few years.  I’ve previously mentioned at one time I thought that reading self-improvement books were all a load of rubbish!  What I have discovered is by working on my growth I have learnt a lot about myself and ways I can be better, more positive and just happier in general.

One of the things I have learnt is the language we use can have a huge impact on our day to day lives…

Remove the Word Try

Being a student of English I have a good grasp of language but had no idea a few words could make a difference in my decisions, in business and in life.

One word I have cut out as much as possible is ‘try’.  What I have learnt is this is a noncommittal word and if you say you will ‘try’ and do something the chances are you are not going to do it.

Once I understood about this, I began to remove the word ‘try’.  I still slip up now and again but once I realise my error I resay the sentence and either say I will do something or I won’t!

I have noticed so many people say the word ‘try’ to me and now I find it infuriating!  In business I get ‘I will try and make it’ or ‘I’ll try to do this”.  What it has taught me is if somebody says they will ‘try’ and do something I lower my expectations so there is no disappointment – If they do it then that’s a huge bonus.

Now that you are aware of the word, see how often you say it in everyday life.  If you catch yourself correct it.  If you don’t want to do something or don’t think you’ll have time – Which is generally why people say ‘try’, then redo the sentence as people prefer the truth, if it’s not going to happen it’s best to let them know.  I think with ‘try’ people’s intentions are often good but it’s just not the best word to use!

What words do you feel are good or bad to use in your vocubalry? Comment below!