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Anyone who knows me, knows about my love for travel, whether it’s in the UK or further afield nothing excites me more than a trip away.  One of my favourite places to visit is Las Vegas, I have been quite a few times and will be heading back next year.  Whenever I go I am not a huge gambler, a part of that is because I don’t know what I am doing and the other is I don’t want to lose all my money!

When I had an invite to a casino night in Leeds, hosted by BGO, I knew I had to check it out to practice my blackjack skills!

How to play Blackjack

This was also my first official blogger event, I’m not sure if that makes me a professional blogger now but I’ll go with it…

The event was held at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, a great little venue which I have visited a few times.  It’s super easy to get to from the train station.  Every time I’ve been the food and drink has been great!

BGO Online Casino

I spent most of the evening learning and playing blackjack.  BGO had tables set out and staff their to guide us, the idea being you can take the casino to your own party or event.  I’ve only played it once in Vegas and lost all my money pretty quickly.  We started with practice sessions and then got going properly.  For the evening we weren’t using real money but some pretend notes we were given on arrival.

How to play Blackjack

What I learnt at blackjack was if the dealer has a 7 or less on the first hand and you have 12 or more then you shouldn’t get a card as there is a good chance the dealer will go bust.  We were also shown how you can split the 2 cards you have if you have a pair so you have 2 chances to win!

I also had a sneaky go at roulette, this is what I usually play in Vegas but this time I had no luck!

Playing roulette

It was a really fun night and I am glad I finally got a good go at playing blackjack. I am so excited to get to Las Vegas next year so I can have a go properly!

Have you been to the casino?  What do you enjoy playing?