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Bert’s Bar in Barbados is an old favourite of ours.  On our second night at South Beach we decided to walk there and go for dinner.

Berts Sports bar Barbados

Situated in Rockley, along the South Coast, it was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  From the outside, like many places in Barbados, it doesn’t look too exciting.  When you walk inside you are met with a sports bar which has lots of different screens with sport from around the world.  When we went in they were even showing super league!  We also noticed that the showed English Premier League and had been open in the morning for the Sunday games.

Berts Sports bar Barbados

For food you can sit at the bar, inside or like we did out on the terrace area.  Here there is outside seating around little ponds.  It’s a really nice setting.

We decided to share our dinner and ordered fish cakes, a caesar salad and a pizza.  The pizzas are stone-fired and we could see the flames from where were sat.  It was fun to share the food and each item was truly tasty.  In the past we remembered we once had nachos at Berts which were huge and we remember them being good too!

Berts Sports bar Barbados Berts Sports bar Barbados Berts Sports bar Barbados

We visited Bert’s a few more times during our stay.  A couple of times we called in for a drink towards the end of the night and we also went for lunch on our second to last day.

For our final lunch at Bert’s we again ordered a selection to share – We went for the fish cakes again, a different pizza and macaroni pie!  All delicious as usual.

Berts Sports bar Barbados Berts Sports bar Barbados

We love visiting Bert’s and look forward to going back on our next trip!