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If you are wanting to bake a tasty treat this Christmas but not sure what to make, these chocolate Christmas Tree bites are just the thing!

Chocolate Christmas Tree Bites

Watch my video to see my first ever attempt at these bites!

The recipe below gives you step by step guidance – I do have a confession my first batch which I filmed in the video above, I felt were slightly overcooked once they had cooled.  I made another batch for the event I was taking them to.  The second lot where much softer rather than a crispy biscuit so the amount of time in the oven depends on the texture you prefer.  Personally I like the softer bites rather than the biscuit!

Chocolate Christmas Tree Bites

The Christmas Tree cutter I used was a gift and I have found a similar one here.

Tweet me your Christmas Tree bite photos @caroline_towers and comment below your favourite Christmas treat!