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Mojo is a bar in Barbados we have visited quite a few times as it is not far from South Beach hotel where we usually stay.  There are Mojo bars in Leeds and Manchester and I believe there is one opening soon in Liverpool.  These are all linked which I think is cool but I have to say, after visiting them all, the Barbados Mojo is the best – It’s in the caribbean after all!

Our first visit to Mojo during our holiday was enroute to St Lawrence Gap where we stopped in for a cocktail, I had the Headbanger! Like its UK bars this is very music themed, with pictures and posters of rock bands and singers.  It also has outside seating area.  It’s one of our favourite places with a nice chilled out atmosphere.

Mojo Bar Barbados

On our next visit we went at lunchtime and sat outside.  I read somewhere that Mojo do the best burgers on the island and as we had never eaten here before decided to find out for ourselves.  For most of the trip I had been eating fish and chicken so it was a nice change to have a burger.

Mojo Bar Barbados

I went all out and ordered the Mojoean burger.  The burgers were amazing, clearly homemade and big!  There were just delicious.  Mine came with cheese, bacon, mushrooms and onions.  It was messy but that was half the fun!   The chips were also fantastic.  Keil ordered the teriyaki burger, I almost ordered this but I thought it might be too spicy as it mentioned red chillis.  He said it wasn’t spicy and he really enjoyed his too!

Mojo Bar Barbados Mojo Bar Barbados

After lunch at Mojo’s we did a spot of duty free shopping in Cave Shepherd where we bought some rum to take home.  You pay for it and it’s ready to collect at the airport when you leave.  After some shopping and a big lunch we went back to the hotel for late afternoon sunbathing – It was really hot and the first thing I did was jump into the pool!