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After an hour or so at the managers party in our hotel we headed out for an evening in Barbados.  We had no dinner plans so just went where the mood took us!  We stopped for a quick drink in Berts Sports Bar before jumping on one of the reggae buses to St Lawrence Gap.

We decided to try Cafe Sol at the top of the Gap.  The last time we visited Barbados this Mexican restaurant was in a different location.  I ate there on one of my first visits but Keil never had as whenever we had called for a drink it was boiling hot in the restaurant.  At this new location it is much cooler!

If you have a drink at the bar you can sit or stand and watch people walk past or go inside to the restaurant.  As we were eating we went in!

Every night they have a cocktail on 2 for 1, we went on a Tuesday and it was Melon Cooler night.  I really liked it as it was fruity.  I had a craving for nachos so we got some cheese ones to share.  I managed to drip salsa on my yellow dress – Not cool!  Luckily I spotted in time and after a quick dash to the ladies I managed to wash it away with no marks in sight.

Cafe Sol, Mexican restaurant, Barbados

For my main I went for chicken fajitas.  This is one of my favourite dishes and it didn’t disappoint.  It came with sizzling chicken, peppers and onion on a skillet and then a separate plate with salsa, lettuce, cheese and guacamole.  It also came with 3 tortillas to make my fajitas with.  My only complaint would be as they were small I could have done with another tortilla as I still had lots of filling left.  Keil was unsure whether to go for burrito or enchiladas, the waitress recommended the enchiladas so thats what he got.

Cafe Sol, Mexican restaurant, Barbados Cafe Sol, Mexican restaurant, Barbados Cafe Sol, Mexican restaurant, Barbados

After dinner the nightly happy hour had begun.  They have 2 and the latest one begins at 10pm.  We stopped at the bar for a cocktail and a chat.

Once finished we went across to the rum shack for a quick drink before heading back to the hotel after yet another lovely night at The Gap.

Rum Shack at The Gap, Barbados Rum Shack at The Gap, Barbados