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I’m a little late to the game with my 2014 favourites but better late than never!  As I mentioned in my 2014 recap, last year was a good one.

My 2014 Favourites

So, here are my 2014 favourite things:

The Favourite TV Shows

I love a good TV show when I make time to watch them.  I have two favourite shows which stand out from all the rest last year, these are True Detective and Homeland.

With True Detective I had no idea what to expect but I’d heard great things about it so I jumped on the bandwagon just after it had aired.  I watched the whole series in just a few days and it was outstanding.  What you get is a gripping story, superb acting from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and some very disturbing scenes! I was certainly hooked – I wait with trepidation for season 2 as it will be a new cast and new story, fingers crossed it will be just as good!

I’ve watched every series of Homeland after being hooked from season 1.  I’m going to put it out there that this last series, the fifth, could be the best yet!  It had a slightly slower start but then ‘boom’ everything happened, week after week there was more drama.  I was watching it on TV and waiting a whole week for the next episode felt like a lifetime!  It was certainly a goodie this year!

The Favourite Book Turned into A Movie

One of my favourite books which I read over the summer was Gone Girl.  I knew it was being turned into a film and had seen the trailer so thought I would give it a go (this was before all the hype).  The book was a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down.  When it came onto the big screen I was so excited to see it and thankfully the film didn’t disappoint!

Gone Girl

The Favourite Business Book

Another book from my holiday’s which I loved was Richard Branson’s Business Stripped Bare.  It was really inspiring from a motivation and business point of view and I loved reading all of his anecdotes from business deals, successes and mistakes.

Richard Branson Business Stripped Bare

The Favourite Gratitude Book

I’ve shared previously about my love of self-development books. In 2014 I didn’t read as much as I feel I should have.  However I did read The Magic  which is all about feeling grateful for the things you have.  It had some great exercises in there which I feel made an impact on me.

The Favourite Energy Booster

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant I love being able to share and use amazing products and it is hard to pick out favourites from the year.  I have to say since Arbonne launched fizz sticks in the UK in September I’ve had one pretty much every day!  I used to bring them home when I visited America and so didn’t like to use too many but now they are freely available in the UK I love them!  You add a ‘stick’ to your water to give you an energy boost, they are great for pre-workout, instead of caffeine or just when you need that pick me up.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks

The Favourite Music

I have two favourite albums which I have listened to non-stop since I got them these are – Counting Crows’ Somewhere Under Wonderland and Ed Sheeran’s X.  I love them both so much and I am sure they will get played a lot in 2015 too!  I was also fortunate to see Counting Crows live last year and I loved them, anyone got a spare ticket for Ed at Wembley?

Counting Crows Live in Manchester

The Favourite Party Place

Las Vegas is a firm favourite to visit.  I love the vibe, the fun and all the hotels!  I have visited a few times and I am grateful to be going back in just a few months for Arbonne’s Global Training Conference.  There is so much to do there and every trip is different.

Happy Hour, Diablos, Las Vegas

The Favourite Chill Out

I love spending time on the beach and my favourite place to do this has to be Barbados.  I visited again this year and I love it just so much.  It’s a great place to relax and have a rum punch or two!

Zaccios Barbados

The Favourite Hair Helpers

For my hair this year I have been loving 3 of Arbonne’s products together.  The mousse, the serum and the hairspray.  This trio of products have made my hair easier to style, helped the style to last longer and my hair’s looked sleek and shiny.  The hairspray contains no alcohol and is a spray rather than an aerosol which means it doesn’t effect my asthma either.

Arbonne Hair Styling Products

The Favourite Sports Event

I watched some great sporting events in 2014 including American Football, Horse Racing (at home and in Barbados) and cricket but the top event has to be when the Tour de France came to Yorkshire!  I had an amazing weekend watching a sport I have been involved in my whole life and I just loved every second of it!

The Tour de France Grand Depart

The Favourite Smoothie Maker

During 2014 I made my first ever smoothie!  Since then I have been experimenting with different flavours and this has all been possible due to my favourite Breville Blend-Active.  I love it so much!

Green Smoothies

So there you have it just a few favourites from 2014.  I can’t wait to discover more new things to bring you a cracking list for 2015!

Keep checking back as this year I intend to share my favourites each month too.

Share your favourite moments of 2014 below!