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Today I’m sharing my tips to make the gym more fun for you – Whether you are a newbie or have been going for a while but find you are stuck in a rut, it’s time to mix it up!

5 Ways To Make The Gym Fun!

Get A Program

When you are new to a gym most of them offer you a free induction session.  I would recommend taking advantage of this and asking them to create you a program which you can follow for a few weeks. This way you know what you are doing is right and you’re more likely to achieve the results you want.  If you are a seasoned gym goer you can always ask if your gym offers a review service to get a new routine or if not invest in a couple of Personal Training sessions to set you in the right direction.

Wear The Clothes

What you wear is also important at the gym, you want to feel comfortable.  I suggest purchasing some proper gym clothing and certainly a good gym bra.  Wearing clothes which are breathable rather than a baggy, cotton t-shirt can make you feel more comfortable when things get sweaty.  When you’re buying new clothes always do the squat test and a few jumps in the changing room before investing!


At the beginning of the year we all have to show some patience as the gym can be busier than normal.  You may need to wait a few minutes to get on the equipment you need or be flexible for your workout routine.  Remember 2 things – The gym will get quieter again in a few months and it’s great people are getting healthier.  Hang in there!

Give A Class A Go

For a few years I really only did classes as I loved them.  I then began doing more in the gym but recently I have added more cardio classes back into my routine.  They are great because you are being taught by a qualified instructor who keeps you motivated.  I also find time goes much quicker than if I was to do my CV sessions in the gym!

Smile and Enjoy It

The most important thing about going to the gym is you enjoy it.  If you see it as a chore you will begin to resent going and will likely give up.  Find a workout which works for you, crank up some good music and think how great you will feel afterwards!

I am really motivated at the moment with going to the gym, whether that’s due to a new year or the fact I am heading back to Las Vegas in a few months I’m not sure!

What’s your biggest motivator or tip for going to the gym?  Share below!