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Welcome to my new series which is full of Fitness Fun!  My goal is to share my fitness journey, throwing in some health tips and general fitness fun on a monthly basis.

Jennifer Aniston Health and Fitness

The Gym Classes

After the Christmas holidays January began with getting back into a gym routine.  It’s been cold out and so for me the best way to exercise is to stay indoors!  As I mentioned in my tips to make the gym fun I have been really getting back into doing classes.  I used to pretty much only do classes but the last few years I have done lots more on my own in the actual gym.  I love classes – They are so motivating and generally they are 45 minutes to an hour of intense exercise.  I have been enjoying 3 classes this month – spinning, circuits and Body Attack.  Spinning is all done on a stationary bike, I am a little picky about a good spinning class as I dislike lots of standing up and doing press ups on the bike!  Circuits is a great all-over body workout with cardio, weights and body weight exercises all mixed in, you do each exercise for a minute and then move onto the next.  Finally Body Attack is just intense, check out this video to see what’s it all about.  I love it!

The Rest

Alongside doing these classes I have also been listening to my body.  Over Christmas I had a cold and then I had another one last week so I’ve been making sure I take rest when I need it.  I’ve learnt from the past, overdoing it can set you back even further.

The Stretch

I have added a little bit of yoga to my morning routine this month.  I am so inflexible and decided 2015 is the year to work on it.  I’ve been following Erin Motz’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge on YouTube.  It’s great because everyday is different – Some days I can do the exercises and somedays (most days) I struggle.  I have noticed a big difference when I have missed a day so this is something I will certainly keep up with.  Each day is only 10-20 minutes so it’s easy to add in.  I would love to give a yoga class ago at some point but for now I am happy doing it on my own in the privacy of my front room!

The Bras

To go with all my working out I have invested in some new gym clothes, especially sports bras! I love the Fabletics Koia Sports Bra so much I just had 2 more delivered today – Of course, I also added in a new top too.  I have quite a few Fabletics outfits now and I really like them all!

Fabletics Gym Clothing

The Food

Finally I have really been focusing on eating healthier.  I didn’t partake in the fashionable dry January but also haven’t had too much alcohol this month (just a few cheeky glasses of wine on a couple of occasions).  I have also focused on tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal just to see what amount works best for me to help with weightloss.  I found a couple of weeks I didn’t eat enough and so didn’t lose any weight.  This is a work in progress so watch this space!

So that’s the first instalment of this regular Fitness Fun series.  What have you added into your fitness this January?  Share below!