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The winter weather is still here and that tends to mean one thing – Cold season.  I for one have had a couple of annoying colds over the last few months.  We all have our own ways to get rid of the nasty cold and here are just a few things I do, which may or may not make you feel better!

How to Fight Your Cold #health

Eating real food and plenty of fruit and veggies with lots of vitamins is a great place to start.  I then add in a few of my favourite cold remedies to get rid of it asap!

It’s hard to know if somethings are just old wives tales or truly a fact.  Of course, I’m no doctor and if you are feeling really bad then visit your GP.

Hot Ribena

The only time I ever drink Ribena is when I have a cold and it has to be made with hot water.  I have no idea if it does anything but it makes me feel better.  They advertise it as having lots of vitamin c in so I think I believe this is why it might help!  It may be full of sugar but it warms you up on a cold evening.

Immunity Booster

Although I tend to have Arbonne’s Immunity Booster drink most days, when I am feeling under the weather I make sure to never miss a day.  They really are full of vitamins and all the antioxidants your body needs to help fight cold symptoms.

Hot Toddy

There’s certainly a drinks theme to making yourself feel better – I guess it’s because you often don’t feel like eating anything.  I make my hot toddy with dark rum usually brought back from Barbados, hot water, honey, lemon and a dash of cinnamon.  The warmth of the rum usually makes me feel better and I always think it helps you sweat the germs out!

Rest Up

A non-drink item is sleeping.  There are not many occasions when you can justify doing
nothing.  When you are full of cold this is a good time to rest.  By pushing yourself to keep going you can actually set yourself back and it may take you longer to recover.  So put your feet up, watch your favourite box set and rest!

Warm Milk and Honey

My final tip is back to the drinks and I love to heat milk up and add honey to it.  The honey helps to soothe a sore throat and it’s a really tasty drink when I’m feeling sorry for myself!

These are a few things which I do to make myself feel better when I have a cold and am just not feeling myself.  What are your go to methods to getting well?  Share below!