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When I received an email to attend a bloggers event all about health at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds, I had to say yes! I’ve been really focused on my health and fitness for the last few months and I’m really determined to stay this way throughout 2015!

INTRO COVEROne of the things I have been implementing is balance – In the past I have been all or nothing but gradually I am working on changing this.  I have been also been working on my relationship with food but that’s probably a post for another time.

Introjuicing with Curry’s was an event mainly focused around the benefits of Juicing.  I am not a juicer, in fact I have never juiced before.  I do sometimes make some smoothies which are a bit thicker and usually I add my Arbonne protein powder to them for a post-gym recovery drink.

There where lots of bloggers at the event and so we were split into groups and attended different stations for about half an hour before moving on.

Introjuicing with Curry's

My first station was the ‘playstation’ where we created our own juices.  Having never juiced before I was a little apprehensive but once I watched a few others have a go I created my own. My concoction involved strawberries, pineapple, almond milk and an apple.  It wasn’t too bad!

Introjuicing and Introduction to JuicingIntrojuicing and Introduction to Juicing

Next we had some soup for lunch – Here I managed to knock my bowl over and make a mess.  That didn’t stop the mushroom and truffle soup from being tasty though!

Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing

It was then time for our talk with Shakela from Nutrishan who is a qualified nutritonalist.  Shakela kindly shared the benefits of juicing and conjured up a green juice for us all to try.  It was my first ever really green drink, she added in celery, broccoli, cucumber and anything else green which was on the table!  It wasn’t too bad but once we had some pineapple added it made it sweeter and was much tastier in my opinion.  She also showed us different ingredients we could add to juices to make them sweeter and even healthier.

Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing

I think the thing for me with green drinks is a psychological one where the colour puts me off a bit!

Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing

We then hit the final juicing station where we were made some mocktails using different ingredients such as ginger and beetroot.  We had some good drinks made here until the end where just beetroot was juiced – This was not pleasant!

Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing Introjuicing and Introduction to Juicing

Our final station was the yoga one.  Having stated in my January Fitness Fun blog that I wasn’t ready for public yoga, here I was about to do it in a room full of people!  I am glad I have been doing my YouTube yoga so I had a bit of an idea what was happening.  Our yoga teacher, Amanda from Yoga Elementz was lovely and the style she taught was rocket yoga.  Although it was fun, I have to admit it was a little fast for me to keep up with as I am still a newbie to yoga.  I am sure with regular practice I would get better!  It did get the heart racing a little bit which is unusual for yoga and so if you are looking for something that gives you more than just stretching this would be perfect. We finished off the session with 5 minutes of relaxation.

Introduction to Rocket Yoga Introduction to Rocket Yoga

Relaxing was a great end to a fun event.  I am not sure I am ready to start juicing just yet but I’m certainly not ruling it out for the future.

To finish off the day I did the antithesis of juicing and went to Almost Famous for a huge burger!  This is all part of the balance I mentioned earlier 😉

Almost Famous Leeds Burgers

Do you juice?  I would love to hear your thoughts below!