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Last month saw the start of my new fitness series Fitness Fun.  The aim is to share some of the fitness fun I have been enjoying over the past month.

For me the last few months I have really being keeping consistent with my workouts in the gym – Every week hasn’t been perfect but instead of all or nothing I am staying consistent!

Long Term Consistency Quote

The Yoga Fail

Last month I started doing yoga regularly on a morning following YouTube videos.  This month I have only managed to do it a few times.  I have decided to start again and get the full 30 days completed.  I really began to enjoy it and could certainly notice a difference.  I will check back in next month with the intention of keeping up with it and staying consistent!

The Cold Run

For a brief moment in February we saw a little bit of sunshine.  I was at home all day and decided to go for my first outdoor run of the year – In fact it was my first run of any kind for a while.  I did a steady run and walked a couple of times to get my breath back.  The air is still cold this time of year and having asthma that is one of the things which I struggle with.  Since then I have also run a couple of times on the treadmill.  Outdoor is much more fun and I am looking forward to some sunshine and warmer days so I can get outside more!

Running Outside - February Fitness Fun

The New Classes

In February I also tried a few new classes.  I’m still loving circuits, body attack and spinning but I also gave a couple of morning classes a try.  The first aerobics and the second legs, bums and tums.  I don’t think these are classes I will add into my regular routine but I will do them again if I need to mix up my schedule and have to miss my regular classes.

I also went to a taster session of an Adult’s Ballet class.  I danced from the age of 4 to about 14 so I wanted to give it a go as an adult.  I really enjoyed it and although it wasn’t as energetic as some of the other classes I do, I still felt sore the next day.  You can see why ballet dancers always have amazing figures as it’s great for toning!

The Intollerance

There have also been a lot of food changes in the house.  Keil took an intolerance test as he has been struggling to get the final results he’s wanting.  A while ago he shared his weightloss tips on my blog.  He took an intolerance test and the results came back that he was intolerant to quite a lot of the food he was eating such as cow’s milk, eggs and yeast.  February has been a month of working out what he should and shouldn’t eat.  After just a couple of weeks he is finally seeing some of those results.  Eating at home is easy as we cook everything from scratch anyway but going out has certainly been a challenge.  We also experimented with some delicious dairy and egg free brownies – I can’t wait to make these again!

The New Website

Myself and Keil also launched our new fitness and sport website Voltage Sport.  We began with a really tough all-over circuit which we did a few weeks ago.  We are excited to see where this site will take us but it certainly won’t deflect from my personal blog!

So, February has been an interesting month, I think because it is a shorter month as well it doesn’t feel like you can fit as much in!  I am now well on with my countdown to Vegas so March will certainly be good when it comes to fitness!

What fitness fun have you had this month?!  Share below!