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Ever since I visited California aged 18 I’ve loved Guacamole.  When I first discovered it avocados were not as common in the UK as they are now.  It was a revelation and I ordered it as much as I could.

The Best Guacamole Recipe

I absolutely love avocados on their own, recently I have used them in baking too.  I have heard them described as natures butter and I think that is a perfect description.

It has taken me a while to find the perfect guacamole recipe which is as good as when I first tried it.  With this recipe I think I have succeeded!

There are a few tweaks you can make depending on the ingredients you have available.  I sometimes substitute real lemons for lemon juice in a bottle, garlic for garlic powder and chilli’s for chilli flakes.  These all still taste great in your guacamole!

Guacamole goes well with loads of food.  You can have it with crisps, the american guac and chips.  It also goes well with carrots and crudités and I love to have it on the side of chilli con carne – This way I can omit the cheese.

Much like my spicy red houmous recipe, homemade guacamole tastes so much better than shop bought!

The softer your avocado the more ripe it is and the easier it will be to mash for your recipe – It will also taste better too!  The best avocados I have found in England have been in farm shops, the ones in supermarkets just never seem to ripen as well as I would like.

Once all my ingredients are mixed together I keep tasting it and add more black pepper or lemon juice if required but usually the taste is just right!

Here’s the recipe:


How do you like your guacamole?   I would love you to share below if this is the best guacamole you’ve had!