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VEDA is back!  VEDA stands for Vlogging Everyday in April (or August) depending on the time of year and takes place on YouTube.  I participated in both April and August VEDA’s last year with Savvy, Sexy, Social.  This year I decided to freestyle a little bit more and film some daily vlogs documenting some of my life.  So far it’s been lots of fun and at times challenging with slow uploads and making the time to edit the videos together.  I always want to make new videos but often make excuses not to do it or don’t make the time – This way I have no excuses!

VEDA - Vlogging Everyday In April 2015!

My VEDA began with an introduction to who I am and visiting the gym twice!  If you are new to my blog I would recommend watching to find out a little bit about me!

On day 2 I had a good day and by the end of it I was feeling wonderfully inspired – Find out why!

The next day there was a bit of a cupcake disaster.

This was followed by an unusual day which consisted of a Parlimenterary Visit.

The last vlog of the week was a few drinks on Easter Sunday where I had a really enjoyable day in Leeds.

If you enjoyed my first few VEDA days, I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you will then be the first to see them when they go live – The next few weeks will be generally fun and interesting!

I love to watch vlogs as it gives you an insight into people’s lives and I guess I am just nosey like that!  I also enjoy seeing behind the scenes of business people, YouTubers and bloggers – They are generally the people who tend to share.

Do you vlog or do you enjoy watching other vlogs?  Share your channel or favourite people below!