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Earlier this week I was asked to speak at a ladies networking group of which I am a member.  The theme of the day was starting your own business.  This is a broad subject and one that I am passionate about.  I am daily vlogging this month and I shared a little about it here:

I am fortunate that through my Arbonne business I am able to mentor others to start their own business alongside me.  This way it is much less scary than starting their business from scratch as they get the support of me and many others.  It’s wonderful to watch people grow into incredible entrepreneurs.  I always wanted to have my own business but due a lack of ideas and capital it didn’t happen for me until I was introduced to Arbonne.

One of the main parts of my talk was how, in my opinion, most people are looking for multiple income streams.  The sad fact is most people can’t earn extra money in their job.  There are only so many hours a day you can work.  With more than one income stream you can increase the income into your home which can make a huge a difference to people’s financial situation.

Richard Branson Opportunity Quote

Starting my own business allowed me to give up 2 of the part-time jobs I had, has given me the confidence to start this blog and led to opportunities I didn’t even think were possible!  This is why I am so passionate about helping people start their own business – I want to give people the chance to grow as a person like I have.  It may sound a little cheesy but it’s true.  I can safely say 4 years ago I wouldn’t have stood up in front of a room of successful business women giving them hints and tips!

Running your business with Arbonne or on your own certainly has its challenges but the upsides are worth it.  In today’s world I believe we should take more ownership and do something which will make a difference to ourselves and others.  We need to embrace opportunities and see what happens!  I know that my Arbonne business will allow me to do things in my life I didn’t dream were possible.

I would love to hear what holds you back or held you back in the past from starting your business!  Please share below!