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I have been continuing my VEDA videos which is to vlog everyday in April.  After the first few days I really started to get into the swing of things and got my vlog on everyday in the build up towards my trip to Las Vegas.  It was still a little bit challenging with editing and uploading but I did a really good job for this week!

VEDA- Vlogging Everyday in April

The week began with a shopping trip to Meadowhall on bank holiday Monday to get some last minute clothes.

This was followed by my public speaking engagement at a local ladies networking group.  This also inspired my Rise of the Entrepreneur blog post.

The next day I took advantage of the sunny British weather and had a long lunch sat in the sun.

Then there was almost a gym catastrophe.

Next I started to prepare and pack for my trip to Las Vegas, which included some very long lists.

The week ended with me watching the Grand National – Watch to find out if I had a winner!

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I really enjoyed making these vlogs and stepping outside my comfort zone.  If we don’t test ourselves then we don’t grow.  It’s fun to document snippets of my life.

The next week of VEDA vlogs will be coming to you live from Las Vegas which is really exciting and it will be great to look back on my trip.  One thing about daily vlogging is you can watch what you do back at a later date so you never lose the memories!

Do you vlog or have some favourite YouTubers?  I would love to check them out so share below!