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My VEDA videos have being continuing over on my YouTube channel.  VEDA is Vlogging Everyday in April and part 3 is all about my week in Las Vegas.  In previous VEDA vlogs I was often preparing and getting ready for the trip.  The trip to Vegas was for Arbonne’s Global Training Conference but I went a few days early to get over the jet lag and enjoy some free time around the pool and exploring the strip.

VEDA - Vlogging Everyday in April - Las Vegas Daily Vlog

Of course when you are going to another country it means the week has to begin with flying to Las Vegas.

This was followed by one of my favourite videos so far, where due to early morning jet lag I practiced some different filming skills before heading to The Secret Garden at The Mirage hotel.

There was then a little Vegas sandstorm!

Next, I managed to get some free drinks at The Aria.

I then attended a happy hour and saw Arbonne’s amazing new product launch.

The next day and night was all about training, champagne and diamonds and the Grand Awards Celebration.

I had a wonderful time watching the Bellagio Fountains.

Before, finally, spending my last few hours in Las Vegas.

It was so much fun spending a week in Las Vegas and I am so glad because of this VEDA challenge I documented some of it through my daily vlogs.  My only struggle was once the conference started I got a little bit behind with my editing and uploaded – There wasn’t much spare time with early mornings and late evenings!  I managed to get them all uploaded to my YouTube channel once I was home.

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Have you or would you like to visit Las Vegas?  Share your thoughts below!