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After the most amazing week in Las Vegas I returned home and got busy with getting back on track with my VEDA (Vlogging Everyday in April) videos.  In Vegas it was hard to edit, upload, enjoy my trip and go to Arbonne’s Global Training Conference so once I was home I was able to catch up!  I am so glad I vlogged the trip as it will be fun to look back on those videos in the future.

VEDA - Vlogging Everyday in April

The week began with me arriving home from Vegas feeling very, very tired!

The next day I had the longest sleep ever and made a decision about my healthy living challenge.

I then got back into my daily routine and had a meeting in Ilkley before stopping at the Cow and Calf to appreciate the beautiful place I live.

On Thursday I headed to London for the day to go to a business conference.

The next day I tried out Arbonne’s new lipsticks which I brought home from Las Vegas and I also discovered the Tour de Sausage.

Finally the week ended with a video bomber which I had no idea about until I edited my video!

So this was certainly an up and down week, I struggled with jet-lag the first few days, then spent a day in London and I needed to work on getting back into a routine but I think I am finally there!

There are now only a few more days left of April so only a few more daily vlogs to come.  I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with these final days!  I have really enjoyed making these videos and I hope you are enjoying watching them!

Thanks for watching my VEDA videos!  Do you have a YouTube channel – I would love to check it out!