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I did it!  I completed VEDA and vlogged everyday in April.  It was lots of fun, at times challenging and not everyday was exciting but I think overall I did a good job!  The final week was busy and included lots of business, being forgetful and making the best smoothie ever!

VEDA - Vlogging Everyday in April

My final week of VEDA began with me watching the London Marathon on TV.

I then was sharing my business – I had a morning of meetings followed by a presentation in the evening.

Next, I was absolutely freezing!

The following day I made my favourite smoothie.

Finally I forgot my purse and ended my month of daily vlogs.

So that’s it – VEDA is over.  It was great to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, it was also a proud moment to have completed vlogging everyday without giving up.  There were times when I got a little bit behind but I still kept the camera rolling!

Do you have a favourite moment from VEDA?  If you want to watch all my videos from the month I put together a playlist on YouTube.

I know in the future it will be great to look back on these videos and remember little things which I got up to as well as my Las Vegas trip!  My Vegas moments will I am sure be my favourites!

I certainly have a lot of respect to people who daily vlog all the time, especially when they put up long videos – They must have much better wifi than me!

I will vlog again in the future, I am thinking I would like to do some weekly vlogs where I piece together a few days – What do you think?  I would love to know what kind of videos you enjoy watching!

Thanks for watching my VEDA, I hope you enjoyed my videos!