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In last months fitness fun I said I was looking forward to working out in June injury free – Well sadly that wasn’t to be, as most of the month I struggled with an ankle injury.  Thankfully I was able to ride my new bike still!

Fitness June 2015 - Cycling, ladies Bianchi

On the very first of the month I hurt my ankle, the frustrating part was I have no idea how or what I did!  I went for a bike ride in the morning and in the evening I had a business presentation wearing my heeled boots (which aren’t very high).  When I took my boots off my ankle was sore.  The next day I could barely walk on it and this pain went on for a good 3 weeks.  As I don’t know what I did it was hard to know how to fix it!  For the most part I strapped it up as this seemed to ease the pain a little bit.

All this ankle pain meant exercise was a challenge and for the most part I rested.  I couldn’t drive or walk very far so I spent most days at home, this is one big advantage to running my own businesses from home!

The one exercise I was able to do was ride my brand new bike!  I found it didn’t cause much pain as long as I didn’t get out of the saddle.  I guess because cycling is non-load bearing my ankle could stand it!

Fitness June 2015 - Cycling, ladies Bianchi

I love my new bike!  It’s a Bianchi Dama Via Nirone 7!  It’s been a couple of years since I last had a road bike and I soon got back into the swing of things.  It’s so much lighter than my Orbea Hybrid, so I can get around quicker and with ease!  It’s nice to get out onto the open roads and exercise in the fresh air.  Until this Monday the weather hasn’t been amazing but it wasn’t bad either, with the right clothing you can go out in any weather!  I’ve been aiming to go out twice a week and so far so good!  Of course, I got my bike from Pennine Cycles – Who are now an award winning bike shop!

Fitness June 2015 - Cycling, ladies Bianchi

My ankle is pretty much back to normal now, it’s taken a whole month to recover.  I’m still wary of overdoing it but I am sure with each week it will get better.

In July I am looking forward to riding more and increasing my mileage!

What fitness fun did you have in June?!  Share below!