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It’s the time of the month on my blog where I share my monthly favourites!  During June I found a few new things to love including a bike, lipstick and some tasty smoothies!

The Bike

As I mentioned in my June Fitness Fun I wasn’t able to do much exercise due to an ankle injury last month.  However I was able to ride my new bike and I love it!  It’s been a little while since I had a road bike so it’s been fun riding along the country lanes.  My bike is a Bianchi Dama Via Nirone 7, so it’s specifically made for women and I’ve got a few pink accessories on there too!  My gorgeous bike is from Pennine Cycles and I’ve been fortunate to go cycling with Paul each Monday 🙂

Pennine Cycles Cycling

The TV Show

Last month I mentioned I had started to watch Wayward Pines and it’s still going strong.  There were a couple of episodes where I didn’t know what was happening but now I have more of an idea I’m really enjoying it!  It’s certainly a bit of a different storyline but so far so good!

The Lipstick

My go to lip colour is always pink and this is even more so in summer.  Recently I have been enjoying Arbonne’s Peony lipstick.  It’s quite bright but it’s nice to wear something which really ‘pops’.  It’s a good statement colour this summer.

Arbonne Peony lipstick

The Smoothies

My usual go to breakfast is porridge but as the weather has been warmer recently I’ve been enjoying cooler smoothies.  My two favourites have been chocolate peanut butter and a fruity smoothie based on this but with a few extra fruits thrown in!

So there are a few of the things I enjoyed in June, here’s to a fabulous July full of lots of new discoveries!

What have you enjoyed in June?  Share below!