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June was a really good month, with 2 trips to London, an award winning night and plenty of sport.  As usual it was a busy month but it was also plenty of fun!

A Weekend Of Sport

The month kicked off with a full weekend of sport. On the Friday night I went to watch Yorkshire v Lancashire in the cricket and on Sunday watched Bradford Bulls playing rugby.  It was a really fun weekend and you can read more about it over on Voltage Sport!

Yorkshire Cricket Club

Bradford Means Business

Pennine Cycles (my families business) were nominated for a Bradford Means Business Award for retail, leisure and hospitality and we won!  It was a great black tie evening and even better to be a winner!  In this particular award the nominations come from your customers, it’s nice to be recognised for doing a great job.  It was also fun to dress up for the evening.

Bradford Means Business Award Winners

Photo Credit – Telegraph and Argus

London x2

In June I went to London twice.  I always love going to the capital for a visit.  The first time was a full weekend and the other was for a women in cycling event.  I blogged about the full weekend here.  The second event was to recognise the top women in cycling and my mum was  featured in the initial top 50 list!  After the event we had a good time exploring London in the evening before heading home!

Taste of London Food and Drink Festival

Bike Racing

The month finished off with the Nige Moore Memorial Road Race of which I was the organiser.  This is the third time I’ve organised this race and it was another good event.  It’s good to be able to put together something for category 4 and 3 riders and encourage new cyclists to take part.  It’s always an achievement to put an event together too!

The Nige Moore Memorial Road Race

So those were a few of my highlights during June!

What was your favourite thing to do in June?  Share below!