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Recently I started up a sport and fitness blog and to compliment this I’ve also began sharing more about health and fitness, both on this blog, on Voltage Sport and within my Arbonne business.  The response has been really interesting!

I cannot change yesterday, but i can change today

I’ve been attending networking events for a long time, since before I started my own business. I used to go with my mum and talk about her business but over the last 4 years I have attended events and spoke to people about my Arbonne business.  It’s network marketing and sometimes this receives a mixed response, for me it is the best business I could have started and it has changed my life in so many positive ways.

In the past I’ve often focused mostly on Arbonne’s skincare and cosmetic lines, which I love!  What I have noticed is people are starting to respond more positively when I’ve talked about our healthy living events which we started a couple of months ago – Where myself and Keil are sharing our fitness stories, some great tips and combining Arbonne’s nutrition products into the mix.  When I have mentioned fat loss and nutrition people suddenly become interested!

It feels like everyone is after a quick fix, which is something I don’t promote – If there was a genuine one I would have lost my weight already!  However, it is interesting to see how excited people are about attending our workshops.

I think there is so much conflicting information out there right now about how to lose weight and get fit, people are feeling confused and stuck.  I know for a long time I felt the same.  Despite having trained as a personal trainer and learning about nutrition, lots of the information on the internet conflicted what I had been taught and I began to doubt myself, this led to me experimenting with different ‘quick fixes’ which ultimately mess up your body and mind!

Keil has shared his weightloss story previously and I think people genuinely want to know how somebody did it – Although he doesn’t have any secrets, what is great is that he has kept the weight off.  There is nothing more damaging than a quick weightloss, starving yourself and then putting all the weight back on and more.

It’s wonderful to see more and more people wanting to take control of their health and I’m happy to be able to play a small part in this by sharing amazing products which help with general health and wellbeing, writing my blog which gives advice and organising events to share experiences and educate people!

What are your thoughts on weightloss and nutrition?  I would love to know!