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After my ankle injury from last month, this month I have recovered so I’ve been able to mix up my routine again a little bit when it comes to my fitness.

Once again this month I have been enjoying riding my bike. I am fortunate to have Keil and Paul who will come out with me on different days so I’ve mainly been riding a couple of times a week. I’ve also mixed up my routes this month. To begin with I was sticking to the same country roads but this month I have been out to Boroughbridge and Gargrave. At the moment I drive out and then do a loop and drive back. It’s nice to go a little bit further than along the main roads where I live!  I also got a new Salice helmet this month which I really like!

Fitness Fun July - Salice HelmetI am planning to carry on with my bike riding for the next couple of months at least. I’m banking on there being some nicer weather, so far it’s been ok when on my bike but I would love more sunshine!

Once my ankle was fully recovered I got back into the weights room this month! I really enjoy lifting weights and so I have done this 2-3 times most weeks in July. I finished phase 1 of my weights routine which contained longer reps and now I’ve moved into the second phase which is were the weights get heavier and there are less reps. I find the best way to lift weights is to go with a plan and know what muscles and exercises I am going to do that day. If not I find it hard to be motivated.

Fitness Fun July - Lifting Weights

It feels good to be more motivated again and back into a better routine which is injury free! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy riding my bike so much but it’s nice to start to see improvements and I’m planning to increase my miles even more next month!

What fitness have been you enjoying in July? Share below!