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This month has been another good month when it comes to fitness.  I’ve really been working on my consistency these last 2 months.  If you want to see the results then you have to be consistent and this is something I have often struggled with in the past.  It’s good to finally see some of my hard work paying off and my fitness levels improving.

Much like last month and the few months before I have been doing plenty of cycling.  I have really noticed my fitness improving this month and although it continues to be hard I am getting up some of the hills a little bit easier!  This month I’ve been on 2 long rides.  On my birthday weekend I did my longest bike ride of 35 miles, this included a stop at Settle cafe.  You can see a little video from this ride on my Instagram!  Then today I did my longest continuous ride of 23 miles.  I rode with Keil to Buffers cafe at Storriths and met other members of V.C.Bradford there, it’s a traditional bank holiday Monday ride!  I only rode one way and got a lift back as I want to increase my miles steadily, I’m sure one day I’ll ride home too!  I started cycling a few months ago and rode 10 miles so this is a big improvement!

Cycling with VC Bradford

Alongside cycling I’ve been carrying on to lift weights in the gym.  I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks I am getting stronger and I’ve been lifting heavier weights but doing less reps.  Next week I’ll be changing my routine again.

Working out in an empty gym

Myself and Keil have also done a few circuits on our own.  These have been fun and circuits are a great way to mix things up.  We’ve been mixing weights and cardio in and working out for 30 minutes with breaks in between!

It’s been a good month for fitness and I’m looking forward to keeping it up next month!

What fitness fun have you been having this month?  Share below!