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Now you may be thinking it’s a little bit late for August favourites as September is now in full swing.  You’re right it is, however I loved lots of things last month and it doesn’t feel right to miss a month out.  So here are my favourite things from the month of August!

The TV Show

Last month I mentioned True Detective 2 had just started.  The whole series is only 8 episodes long and finished in August.  I loved it, in many ways it was totally different to the first – The main difference being new characters in a different period of time.  Stylistically there were also some similarities.  Although each character was highly flawed I couldn’t help but like them all.  If you haven’t seen any of True Detective I would recommend watching both seasons.  Dark, gritty, modern and addictive!

The Workout Jacket

I bought a new workout jacket from H&M in August.  Although it was supposed to be the middle of summer the weather wasn’t always great so I got to wear it more than expected and rarely took it off!  It has thumbholes, which for some reason I’ve always wanted and inside pockets which are perfect for running outside when you need to take keys and an iPod.  I have yet to run outdoors with it on but I have worn it to the gym a few times.  There were some really nice gym clothes in H&M so I will be going back for more soon!

H&M Gym Jacket

The Lipstick

Since Arbonne launched their new lip line in Las Vegas earlier this year I have been slowly working my way through the different shades.  In August I couldn’t get enough of Camellia. I love pink colours and this is the perfect shade, bright enough for an evening out but not so bright you can’t wear it through the day.  Like all Arbonne’s lipsticks it feels very nourishing and lasts all night long!

Arbonne Camellia Lipstick

The Foam Roller

I’ve wanted a foam roller for so long but never got one.  Luckily, Keil received one for his birthday and I have been borrowing it loads.  As my workouts have increased and my weights got heavier last month I had a few aches in my back.  The foam roller has really helped to get rid of these aches, it hurts but it’s a good pain!

foam roller

The Book

For my birthday I received Madeleine’s Shaw’s Get the Glow recipe book and already I’ve tried quite a few of the different recipes.  My favourite so far has been the chocolate mousse!

Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow Chocolate Mousse
  So there were some of my favourites for August.  What did you love last month?  Share below!