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By definition I am NOT a morning person!  For as long as can remember I have struggled to get out of bed.  Lazing around in the morning and working in an afternoon and into the night is probably how I work best, however things have been changing for me and I wanted to share how I’m beginning to get out of bed early in a morning.

Becoming a Morning Person

I’d been thinking for a long time I should be more productive in a morning.  My businesses are busier than ever and I was finding I was running out of time during in the day, feeling stressed and generally overwhelmed.  This meant I was being less productive.  I knew the best thing would be to start getting up earlier.

For perspective working at home I used to get up between 9 and 10, more recently it was more like waking up at 8, spending time on my phone and then getting up between 8.30 and 9.  By the time I had breakfast and got dressed it was probably about 10 before I even thought about working.  I find I am most productive and creative in an afternoon because this is what I’ve been telling myself for the last 10 years!

I’d been inspired by a few videos from some of my favourite YouTubers including this one by Amy at Savvy, Sexy, Social, who shared some of her top tips for getting up in a morning.  It really made me think about getting up earlier. Notice I said think and not do!  It is a great video and Amy is right it’s a mindset shift.

I also love this morning routine video from Mimi Ikonn.  I thought I would love my mornings to look like Mimi’s and it’s getting closer as I’m actually getting up and doing rather than only thinking about it!

Then Keil began reading The Miracle Morning, he told me bits about it and started implementing some of what was recommended.  I still haven’t read it yet as I am currenty reading something else but I decided to give it a go!

I didn’t want to be overwhelmed and so to begin with I’ve only added in a few of the recommendations.  The first is getting up earlier!  I’ve been getting up about 6am with Keil – Yes 6!  He leaves for his day job at 7 so this gives us about an hour.  This is 2-3 hours earlier than I was getting up before.

The night before I think positively about getting up the next day.  Keil says there is an affirmation from The Miracle Morning to help with getting out of bed.  I need to print this out but so far positive thinking has worked.  I’ve been going to bed at a good time even if it’s watching TV and relaxing in bed for an hour or so to help me fall asleep straight away.

When I wake up the first thing I do is write in my Gratitude book.  On one page I write about all the things I am grateful for now and on the next page I write all the things I am grateful for in the future.  Basically things I want to happen but I write them as if they are happening now.  Then I say an affirmation and get out of bed.  We follow this by eating our breakfast, usually porridge and read our current personal development book.  I’m currently reading You Are A Badass!  Which I love.

We usually have about 10 minutes left before Keil leaves.  So far this has worked really well and I am surprised how easy I’ve found getting up.  At 7 I will usually look at my phone, get dressed and I am ready for the day by 8 at the latest.

By getting up I’ve found I have more energy, instead of dozing in the morning and feeling sleepy I am much more alert.  Plus, I’m getting more work done and so I can finish my day when Keil gets home at 5pm instead of being glued to my laptop all night.

I want to add some yoga and possibly meditation into my morning routine but as I said at the beginning I don’t want to be overwhelmed, so once I feel ready I’ll add some more things into the routine.  I also need to read The Miracle Morning for myself.  I will keep you updated with my progress!

I am astounded by how easy I’ve been able to adapt, without complaint.  It shows you can change your ways if you want to.

Have you read the The Miracle Morning and is a new morning routine something you would consider?